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Polly Samson is currently married to David Gilmour.

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For David, the world is largely a place of sunny uplands.

For Polly, there is always the risk of storm clouds on the horizon.

‘But we got him home and he started remembering what had happened – and of course there was the photograph that became so iconic – and at some point someone said that we ought to call a lawyer, and we were, like, “Really?

” The lawyer talked to Charlie and said that he could be looking at a prison term, and that was when what we were facing really hit home.’Charlie served four months behind bars and was electronically tagged and under a curfew for a further four months.

Now Charlie has recovered he knows how incredibly lucky he is.

It’s difficult for me to speak for him, but there had been that unresolved feeling of “who’s the dad?

But David has already departed for his nearby studio.

‘He’s working obsessively on his next album,’ Polly explains – which means she can explain her glass-half-empty stance without fear of irritating him.

Now 25, he has since finished his degree and become a journalist and campaigner for The Howard League for Penal Reform.

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