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My Merrill Lynch account cannot be added to "one step update".

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Now I see a message on my Quicken 2015 that my auto-download is ending and I must update.

I go to their site and find that they have increased my cost by 300% or a total of $150 every three years instead of $50. I have used Quicken (for Mac) since its inception and have upgraded regularly.

I sincerely hope that Quicken shot themselves in the foot with the fee scheme. ALL the software I own (quite a lot) installed without problem, EXCEPT for Quicken 2015 Deluxe. I have been using Quicken since 1994 and now they want to force me to upgrade and pay outrageous fees. We have been satisfied, loyal Quicken customers since the early 90's. Quicken-Turbo Tax-Intuit has exploded & gone separate ways.

I cannot use the version 15 which worked fine to my needs. The purchasers of Quicken have decided to gouge the existing customer base.

Has anyone else had a nightmare upgrading from Quicken 2015? Ok, I finally was on-board with the need to update every three years.

In addition to disabling my online banking download and bill pay, I have had all kinds of issues since they ended support for Q 2015 this month. The program not opening up my file forcing me to spend time figuring out where the active file was kept. Multiple messages to upgrade to Q 2018 even though I opted out of getting any more messages. Not able to download transactions from bank anymore (I tend to think they disabled this proactively instead of just ending support). every three years to be able to auto-download from my credit card companies was palatable.Quicken Tyka, a moderator for Quicken, gave this reason for the change: Violation of community guidelines: Argumentative, not being constructive with criticism.Continued misuse of the community will result in a ban.This is Quicken's way of forcing customers to pay -0 per year for their new subscription service... We have worked with Quicken through many changes over decades. Chase gives me customer service phone number for Quicken.This heavy handed approach not only gives the finger to long standing customers. Customer service rep says the data was backed up "wrong" in Quicken 2015 before I installed Quicken 2018. Been a client of both Quicken and Bill Pay since 1993. To maintain my bill pay service I needed to upgrade to 2018, which is now a subscription service.Last Saturday, Quicken would not launch at all and just offered an error message that said "There is a problem with the Quicken installation. The client and server don't support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite."Three hours of phone calls later (four days have now elapsed) I still can't run Quicken and can't access my account to redownload the software to even try and fix this.

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