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Host Caroline Flack recently revealed that the the fourth series is set to return this June, which perfectly matches up with the premiere of 2017's season, which kicked off June 5, 2017.HIS architectural masterpieces, such as Glasgow School of Art, are known around the world and celebrated by the likes of Brad Pitt and Barbra Streisand.

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Indeed, so synonymous with the city of his birth is Charles Rennie Mackintosh that Glaswegians may assume they already know all there is to know about the architect, designer and artist’s work. Even aficionados are likely to be unfamiliar with some of his lesser known works, the hidden gems - from gravestones to a telephone kiosk – that pop up in sometimes the most unexpected city locations. And with this in mind I set out on a walking tour with Stuart Robertson, director of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society, which just happens to be based at the first hidden gem to tick off our list.

People come here from all over the world to see Mackintosh’s only church, but many locals still walk past this building in Maryhill, unaware of its architectural or cultural significance.

But few of those walking amid the gravestones and mausoleums commemorating the great and the good of the city know that one of them was designed by Mackintosh.

Half way up a path on the east side of the cemetery stands the grave of Alexander Mc Call (1836-1888), a police officer who served as chief constable in Glasgow for 18 years.

The news comes as it's been revealed the latest series of Love Island will be the longest ever series of the show.

According to Radio Times, the ITV2 reality TV programme is expected to last for eight weeks, one week longer than in 2017, and an additional two weeks longer than the first two seasons.Dawn flaunted her slender figure in a white top and flared trousers which she teamed with the bright blazer.A choker added an element of edge to her look and her blonde locks sported an immaculate blowdry.“Mackintosh may have asked specifically to be involved in this project,” says Robertson. “It’s a relatively plain building both inside and out, but it is extremely impressive, especially since Mackintosh was only in his twenties when he worked on the design.“Inside, it is planned around a central light well, but the exposed roof timbers are very unusual, a definite Mackintosh touch.Few drivers who come off the M8 slip road at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary on their way into the city centre realise they are passing one of the earliest buildings by one of the world’s most revered architects. The sandstone school is just a short hop across a footbridge from the hospital in the Townhead district of the city, and was built in the very street where Mackintosh was born (in 1868) and would have played as a child.

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