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You can also mix and match the Interactive login functionality with automatic login capability and custom scripting support.

For example imagine having a website requiring you to enter a regular username and password on the first page and a 2FA PIN on second page.

The form authentication mechanism in Netsparker Desktop fills and submits login forms on your websites by means of the DOM of the login form page, i.e. It automatically detects the login form components, the username & password inputs, populates them and submits the login form.

In such case you can configure the credentials and enable the Interactive login option, therefore Netsparker will first submit the regular login form details and then will prompt you with the interactive login browser allowing you to enter the 2FA PIN.

If your form authentication pages also require other type of authentication such as basic or client certificate, you can simply configure the settings together with the form authentication settings in the Start a New Scan dialog.

There are 2 types of logout detection patterns that Netsparker identifies: A great deal of websites redirect the users back to the login form page when a restricted page is requested anonymously, without any valid session.

If your website does so, Netsparker will detect a Redirect-based logout.

When you configure them Netsparker will automatically use all the configured information when accessing the form authentication pages during a web application security scan.

There will be cases where you need to tweak the Netsparker automatic authentication, or it will not work for your website.

You can use any HTML API that modern browsers support to locate the login form elements and fill them.

You can write your scripts in the script editor on left.

Netsparker supports these mechanisms through the use of the "Interactive login" feature.

By checking the check box , Netsparker will automatically pop up an interactive browser window during the authentication so you can perform any necessary operations to allow the authentication, be it entering a CAPTCHA or PIN sent as an SMS.

Netsparker has a better chance of detecting and filling the login form on pages dedicated to the login operation, so always specify the dedicated login form URL if you have a login form both on your homepage and on a dedicated login page.

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