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And, anyway, you would want me to catch you wouldn't you?!" Strangely, most of the compliments in the emails to my website had been about my high cheekboned face, my seductive mouth with its full negress' lips and shy smile, my short shorn curly brown hair, my intelligent sparkling dark-brown eyes, or even my pretty little ears.Alena swears to this day that I greeted her with a very slurred, "Hello gorgeous", with breath that reeked of beer and whisky a plenty, and then kissed her, totally uninhibitedly, full on the mouth.

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Two-inch diameter brown-pink aureole, since you're asking.

And, no, I have never had enhancement of any sort at any time.

But Emma also had brains and beauty, and was determined she would use them both to advance herself.

Excelling in mathematics and the sciences, she had signed on to study chemistry and applied mathematics post school at the University of ***** in England.

By the time I was twenty-one, I would therefore have been under Prof's care for three years.

By the time I was twenty-one, I had also been under Prof for three years in another way.

Alena and I had been lovers of a sort almost from the very outset of my college life. The "getting-to-know-you" week when the new students assemble at English universities to settle into their accommodation, find their way around campus, meet their tutors for the first rime, and say hello to their fellow new students.

For both Alena and I, it had been love at first sight. No productive work was expected from the students during freshers' week, which was just as well.

'Midnight-Pearl' (by Eve Adorer) "Okay, light brown half-cast white and negress, five-feet-eight-inches tall, 120 pounds, thirty-eight double-D-cup tits, twenty-three around the waist, and thirty-eight around my bum.

And, yes, you can believe that my nipples as well as my tits are really and truly that big.

All you see is beautiful bountiful me: me strictly only as nature generously made me.

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