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The newspaper, as any other type of company, will generate incomes.

Moreover, every article you buy will bring you a boost of energy.

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You can help your company develop faster, through upgrades, which will considerably decrease your production costs.

Administrate the company carefully, in order to increase your profit.

In order to rebuild the world, we need strong people, who can become the new leaders of the countries.

Once a month, in every country of Market Glory, there are elections.

You can trade stocks on the market and speculate their price. x Newsalert: Major Crisis A major unprecedented economic crisis has just hit the Earth 24 hours ago, and, according to our sources, the Governments cannot deal with its consequences.

Apparently, all the major national banks have already enterd into collapse, and the officials do not seem to know how to manage this situation.

This will consist of a Prime Minister and 7 ministers. x The referrals are a key element of the new economy, and they can generate constant incomes with minimal effort on your behalf.

The members of the government have responsibilities: they propose and vote laws, they exchange the money of the government on the financial market, and they can change the amount of bonuses and taxes. Invite your friends to subscribe and increase the number of referrals you have.

Follow the fluctuations of the exchange rates and you can become a successful broker! Arena is the place where you can unleash your power!

Buy weapons and make sure you have the energy needed to challenge and fight your opponents.

You can publish national or global articles - it only depends on which market you choose to sell your products.

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