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Chegg lets you highlight in physical copies of the books, but you can’t take notes.

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But, we know what it can be like to hunt around for the right edition online or to waiting around for your books to arrive while your professor keeps assigning readings to the whole class.

We looked for online textbook rental companies that understand these pressures and get your books to you quickly while letting you have control of when and how you return them without incurring additional fees.

We also wanted to know the company’s policies about textbook return and in what condition the book needs to be to be returned in to avoid additional fees after using it for a semester or block class.

We favored companies with more lenient policies and more flexible return times.

We regularly update this site with the newest information about what’s new in the online textbook rental world.

We spend our days reading website FAQs and return policies so that you can find the best online textbook rental options for your needs.After ordering the same textbook from eight online textbook rental companies, we think that Chegg Books’ updated policy puts it ahead of the rest.As soon as you’ve ordered your textbook from Chegg, you can start reading the e Book version online.If you prefer an e-text to a physical copy, you can rent your book for 90, 120 or 180 days.Chegg has an application that works on popular operating systems where you can access your text.Getting instant access means you won’t fall behind if you’ve decided to rent rather than buy your textbooks.

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