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Sela addressed the missing items, but never addressed the current awning and siding problems after the 2nd reinstallation.

Sela's response does NOT address all the issues stated in the complaint. Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2015/12/29) */ We met with [redacted] and [redacted] and are addressing all the issues and concerns. Sela will meet with awning company to get corrections made, replace some siding and fascia, address shingles that are sticking up.

We have scheduled the roof installation Thank you Pat Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/12/21) */ We emailed [redacted] to meet again out on his property to make sure we get the items corrected that he is not satisfied with.

While I was getting ready for work the crew said they were done, and I walked outside and thanked them.

I did not realize the damage until my husband came home and showed me (as I said, I don't know anything about construction).

I ([redacted]) was home while the siding crew was reinstalling the awning on Oct 29.

I asked why they were doing the reinstall when Dan and [redacted] agreed the awning company should do it and there was no answer.

As far as the chimney cap that's leaking our roofers did not touch it to high up were we were working and before pictures indicate it was never present.

Pat [redacted] Selaroofing Review: I have made numerous attempts to cancel my membership and receive a full refund of my membership fee since signing up for the Right Stuff Dating website on May 20th and finding that nearly one third of the profiles that came up in my initial searches were either outdated or fake, on the basis of the members’ posted graduation year and age. Another profile listed the person’s class year as 1986 and his age as 34.I am not sure who [redacted] spoke to at the gutter division as I never received a email from that division, anytime I received a message from [redacted] I responded in a timely fashion.I met with [redacted] and helped move her project along,we had no knowledge she had a concern with the paint job, I gave her my...and Mrs.[redacted] on 10/05/15, at that time we agreed to meet with their insulation company to coordinate the install of the roof and insulation. [redacted] spoke to my salesman Jason [redacted] to arrange the start date. During the roofing project we punctured the sidewall flashing and it caused a leak, Sela was very proactive in getting it fixed and even took care of the small interior damage that it caused, we cleaned the siding and marks caused by shingles and agreed to 0.00 credit for the bird bath that was damaged.We were called out again on November 17th 2015 for a leak that was noticed in the fireplace.If Sela has the homeowner doing their final inspections then they have additional issues beyond this.

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