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People are time poor and communicating differently.People don’t spend as much time getting to know about people.” Rosie also agrees that a proliferation of media, both mainstream and social media, has influenced our expectations around relationships and what that looks like for us “We’ve been brainwashed by media” she says.

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These days, it is more about making sure a wedding looks perfect and therefore there is often a huge expectation around getting your wedding day perfect.”“Back then, there were more opportunities to socialise with people who have the same values and educated,” Rosie says “Now, you’re thrown into a much bigger mix of people.

It can be difficult to steer your way through to find the person you want to connect with.

“When we were younger, you had more energy to put into making a relationship. The new generation has a much more specific idea of what happiness and love look like.”I ask Rosie about anxiety, pointing out that the younger generation is more anxious than previous, due to climate change, housing shortage, lack of pay rises, political unrest and social media.

These days, I think females have high standards when it comes to finding a boyfriend - like Sex and the City.” Rosie explains. Does she think we are more anxious because we are the first generation to be ‘worse off’ than our parents? Yet you need to remember that my parents came from a war zone in World War Two” Rosie reminds me.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and actor Jason Statham welcomed their first baby into the world this June.

And the blonde beauty offered fans their first glimpse of six-month-old Jack on social media Monday.

Rosie was 25 when she got married, just six weeks after getting engaged.

Rosie had already met her husband John before she went travelling with friends in Europe over two and a half years. But we just felt secure and when I got back he was waiting for me” she says.“We weren’t like the kids today where they hang around, waiting for the spectacle.

You need someone else’s opinion about who you are and what you’d be attracted to. The first step is the client getting to know the matchmaker and the matchmaker getting to know them.

“I need to meet them to understand their values and what makes them tick.” Rosie then explains that she can’t manufacturer a person out of thin air.

So I went to University and studied sociology and psychology.

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