Ruger 77 serial number dating

Somewhere in there, was a transition year where ruger made a change to the tang safety and you could now open the bolt when the rifle was on safe. Then not long the MKII came out and was a true CRF but had a horrible trigger that could be adjusted only by someone that jnew what they were doing.But now days the barrels are made in house, and every ruger 77 I have ownder shoots pretty **** good.This number should be used as a point of reference only.

Except for the quality of the wood, it looks like a CUSTOM stock, and it is, reely.

There aren't a lot of after market stocks available for those Rugers, like with the newer MKIIs.

As matter of fact I already purchased the peep I on Ruger's new scout rifle. My wife's rifle, is a Ruger 77 with the Tang Safety.

I like the safety, but early on, it didnt shoot good groups.

If the stock suits you, I think the Tang safety versions are fine guns.

JMO, Smitty of the North They say the 1st run of the tang safety 77 ie the flat bolt (dogleg bolts) and the round top 77 had douglas barrels on them.

I've a 3 digit serial number rifle in 6mm Remington that has always been a shooter.

It's not a BR rifle, but it shoots better than a sporter should and as well as some barrels costing more than twice as much as that original rifle.

I'm not sure of the time frame that this supposedly happened. The barrel wil be cut to 20" (to get rid of the porting) before putting the front sight on. When all the other manufacturers were making guns with a cheekpiece, and comb, at least a comb, Ruger decided to go cheap, and made something more liken to a club.

I've been wanting to put a peep and front sight on mine (30-06) and use it as a hiking/fishing carry gun. This started the trend to stocks without the cheekpiece and higher comb.

Seems like if the front screw is over tightened, it will break off the front portion that secures the magazine box.

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