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There are two natural lakes: Arram in the crater of an extinct volcano in the Golan Heights and Daraa along the Jordanian border.There are several artificial lakes created by dams that supply irrigation and electrical power.

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The flag consists of three horizontal stripes: red on top, white in the middle, and black on the bottom.

In the white section are two green stars, symbolizing Islam.

Also represented are Turks; Armenians, most of whom fled Turkey between 19; and small numbers of Circassians, Assyrians, and Jews. They were originally nomadic, but many have been forced to settle in towns and villages. Arabic is the official language, and 90 percent of the population speaks it.

The Syrian dialect is very similar to Jordanian and Egyptian and varies little from Modern Standard Arabic, the standardized form used in communications throughout the Arab world. Kurdish is spoken mostly in the northeast, but even there it is rarely heard, as speaking it is viewed as a gesture of dissent.

The Gharb Depression, a dry but fertile valley, lies between this range and other mountains to the east.

The Euphrates River and several of its tributaries pass through Syria, supplying more than 80 percent of the country's water.

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Most of the country has a desertlike climate, with hot, dry summers and milder winters.

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