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But in 1985 the company suddenly had to close its doors....continue reading This past December, MCEP and CINDAQ have again brought together GUE divers from 13 different countries to participate in the bi-annual Science and Survey Project along the Caribbean Coast of Quintana Roo, Mexico. continue reading The Lost Island Project will kick-off again in May 2014 with 22 weeks of exploration and research in the Aeolian Islands Archipelago.

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He estimated that the currents had pushed them more than two kilometres away in just under an hour. The moon creates the tide and the tides create the currents, so we were moving pretty fast,” he said.

“At this point, we’re two guys floating in the middle of the ocean.” La France said they could see the boat searching for them from where they were.

Trust me on this one.) • “I’m into fitness and I’d expect my woman to put just as much effort into her body.” (Guaranteed to provoke an “oh, just knob off” response, even from the most dedicated fitness fanatics.) Passive-aggressive profiles. The good news is that shared humour is an excellent indicator of whether you’re compatible, so write whatever makes you laugh. While glaring omissions in your profile look suspicious, try to keep everything to a short-ish paragraph.

When you are in the throes of high-intensity post-break-up emotional distress, it is not the time to write your profile. Most typically in my experience men lie about their height (I’m almost 6ft and apparently so is every man on the internet) and being a smoker, both of which are instantly obvious on a first date. While the above mistakes were frequently made, every 20 or so profiles would be an absolute gem. NOT a "professional headshot" (they are inexplicably creepy) and something where we can actually see what you really look like – not because we are superficial, but because no one likes waiting at a crowded train station frantically scanning the faces of passers-by in a really obvious "I’m waiting for a date" manner. If it makes her laugh, you’re pretty much guaranteed a great first date.

Follow the link below to learn more about the project and to join 2018's efforts. We are pleased to announce we have released a Brand Standards Guide outlining previously unpublished specifics about the organization.

The guide includes a personality evaluation, terminology guidelines, brand permissions, and authorized logos.

It's cold, dark, deep and apparently a hostile environment.

There is almost no animal life, just walls of stone and water surrounding you.

The artifact is one of many unique discoveries that promise to help redefine what we understand about ancient trade routes and commerce in the third century B. Continue Reading In September of this year, 12 divers from the UK and the Netherlands gathered together in the Orkney Islands, off the North coast of Scotland.

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