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-MP 🐝 Disclaimer: Radselflove does not support victimhood mentality. It’s my father’s fault, my ex boyfriend’s fault, my mother’s fault, my old teacher’s fault. Look, I lived more than 90% of my life believing woe is me crap. As the creator of Radselflove I REFUSE to let our followers believe they are a victim to life.

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You have the power and the control to fix your life! We’re not here to blame others or tell you that someone controls you, because they don’t. It hurts so much we start to believe our hurt is worth more than our soul, our belonging on this planet!

I set out this page to not add to the horrible social media I see online constantly that promotes victimhood and defenselessness. It is admired daily, and at it appears to be whole. all the hard work someone put into completing that that jigsaw puzzle is now just pieces on the floor. and now you are just back to where you started from... I mean, wouldn't you agree that it's pretty frustrating putting a puzzle together without knowing what the picture looks like...

It also has a couple of tips on how to get more sleep all together... FACTUALLY becoming more productive than losing that sleep...

-MMP❤️ This short talk (that's available on the Audiojoy app) explains how important sleep really is for us! So I'm going to start this off with my personal chart topper. So, if you take an hour moer to sleep instead of work... Therefore you will actually do better work at a higher volume, WOAH...

After filling up my brain with tons of information and lessons, now its my tummy's turn!

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YOU DIDN'T REALIZE THERE WAS ANOTHER PICTURE ON THE BACK... Use each breath to bring patience during the process.

If it didn't change and it didn't make you uncomfortable you would be complacent don't be complacent because complacent and comfortable are static.

You gotta do whatcha gotta do to stay sane sometimes! You can choose to take it or leave it just as easily as they can. You should be around people that love you and treat you like the amazing light source you are. -MP 💖 You only have control over your own reactions... If you really DON'T want to go to that party, DON'T go. If you're sitting there hoping that the individual on the other side of, whatever kind of relationship this is, will choose to make ANY decision JUST TO please you..

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