Separated parenting and dating what 3rd base in dating

It says it plain in Scripture that Isaac loved Esau because he was an outdoors-man but Rebekah loved Jacob.This kind of favoritism does not bode well for a family.

I’m sure she rationalized that it wasn’t such a bad thing since the twin boys were only separated by moments, but her hand in helping Jacob trick his father was her way of thumbing her nose at the order of things and a diss to her dying husband.

Turns out that this family rift lasted for a long time.

Mother of Jacob and Esau For every mom who has ever had the temptation to play favorites with her children, pay attention to Rebekah.

She didn’t just play favorites, she schemed and connived and was an accessory to one of the biggest Daddy Dupes in all of history.

The Original Mother — more specifically, of Cain, Abel, and Seth (and several unnamed others) I guess if we are to commence in chronological order we would have to begin with Eve, the mother of us all.

And she was the woman who made THE monumental, mind-blowing, affects-everybody forever mistake. But it wasn’t like there were any other women around to make it instead of her, right?(And we think we have seriously evil plots in current movies.) David got his wish — Bathsheba’s husband was killed in battle, and David thought he had gotten away with it. But we never really hear how it all affected Bathsheba.Their sin is well documented and the effects to David’s household long-lasting. Angelic visitation definitely qualifies as a sure thing.Maybe she was the first to partake of the fruit just because she was the only one who could remember where it was in the garden (women just know where stuff is).You have to feel a little bit of sympathy for the girl who didn’t have a mother to ask about how things were for her back in the day.Rebekah reminds us that it is a dangerous thing to use maternal power for manipulation.

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