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It also wouldn’t hurt to report the fact that your social security number was stolen to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, which will distribute the report to relevant authorities.

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However, if you suspect a certain individual (family member, neighbor or friend, perhaps) of using your credit card illegally, the police may be able to build a case and help you press charges against the person.

If you’re interested in pressing charges against a known identity thief, talk to your local police department about steps to take.

Note that some police departments will refuse to file a report for a non-local perpetrator. Unfortunately, most people don’t know who stole their identity, so they are unable to press charges.

For example, if the fraud was perpetrated by an anonymous hacker online, there may not be much the police can do to track down the offender.

Sign up for a credit monitoring service to help you screen for ongoing or future issues that might arise.

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Next, fill out this form to apply for a replacement card or change information on your SSN record.

You can then mail or deliver the form in person to any Social Security office.

After a police report is filed, get a copy for your personal records to assist you in your recovery efforts. Depending on your local police department’s process, your case will go to a detective who will review all of the information.

Then, he or she will determine whether to take any action. Police deal with crimes that occur in the area they work in and if the identity theft didn’t take place in that area, they can choose not to help.

A bank associate can walk you through any recent transactions or ones that look suspicious.

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