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When Prabha reaches home, she comes to know that bridegroom was Venky and not Gurumurthy.She wants to meet Venky and propose to him as she grew to cherish their relationship over the past few years.

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Next day, Uday and Venky sit in a coffee shop where Uday gives Venky a Bluetooth device and a smart phone for communication.

Using that, Uday plans to seek Venky's real-time help while conversing with Prabha.

She replies that though she likes him and treats him as her best friend, she cannot accept his proposal as she is only 19 and can't take such a big decision at that age.

She asks him to continue their friendship and they can take a decision later.

He writes 100 reasons in a book and sings them all together once (Inthakante Vere - Version 1).

On the birthday of Prabha, Venky takes her out to a nice dinner and proposes her.

While returning to their homes, Uday asks Venky about his comfortable approach towards girls and asks Venky if he has any past love experiences. In 2009, Venky went to Vishakhapatnam for summer vacation and he met a Delhi-based 19 yr old girl, Prabhavathi a.k.a. Prabha has also come for a vacation to Vizag for peace of mind as her parents are going through a divorce in Delhi.

Venky and Prabha meet in a movie theater and come to know that they reside in the same apartment complex.

When Uday goes to bring the phone's charger, Prabha meets Venky and proposes him.

Before Venky can respond, Uday reaches the location and Venky runs into washroom along with the phone's charger.

Since Uday is not good at communication with women, he takes the help of Venky and seeks his advice.

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