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What role can history play in developing government policy?

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What is the future of digital history, and other innovations which seek to present history in new ways and make it accessible to wider audiences?

How can academic studies impact the school classroom—and vice versa?

Both fields, however, suffer from fundamental methodological and interpretive problems that have only recently received serious attention (4–9).

One basic problem derives from the fact that paleodemographers, paleoepidemiologists, and other skeletal biologists observe only dead individuals from the populations of interest, not living ones (4, 9).

We aim to assemble individual submissions into panels in order to increase the likely hood of acceptance.

Sessions last 90 minutes, with at least 15 minutes discussion, leaving some flexibility in what we put together (ex.

How do we understand personal relationships with parents, siblings and friends?

How do states, schools and religious institutions interact with children and young people?

Many researchers have assumed that the Black Death was so virulent, and the European population so immunologically naïve, that the epidemic killed indiscriminately, irrespective of age, sex, or frailty.

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