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There’s a lot of new words now — there’s polyamory, there’s hooking up.

You know, hooking up is something everyone’s parents did also, it just wasn’t called that. All of a sudden, the culture became concerned with this idea of sex that was detached from a narrative of romance and what that meant.

It points out the grappling you have in the book around language.

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Accept and forgive the negative experiences that you might have pursuing adventure or something different.

Q: I loved your tweet about the book’s style guide — with alongside kombucha.

In these groups, they ask you that question over and over again.

A: It was hard for me, and it’s honestly still hard for me when somebody asks me what I want. [Laughs.] Realizing that I had this difficulty was kind of amazing to me.

I thought of myself as a kind of enlightened, not sexually repressed person.

Q: If someone wanted to undertake a similar exploration, do you have any tips for that tour? If you don’t like something, don’t feel like you have to like it. But also when you have bad experiences, forgive yourself for having them and not blame experimentation.

She not only reported on orgasmic meditation, she tried it out.

“I came to understand that in writing about sexuality, if you’re just writing about other people, there’s something always kind of clinical about it and abstract,” Witt said in a recent interview.

She not only interviewed three lovers about their open relationship, she attended their sex party.

She weighed feminist theories about pornography, then witnessed a filming.

Then I had to ask myself: Why does that freak me out? So then I went back and thought about all the teaching I had gotten from feminism, from older ideas, from Christian morality about what was wrong about pornography.

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