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If the conversations cause distress, they will be stopped.

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It is also found that one third of women have insufficient vitamin D in late pregnancy, which can affect their children’s fat and bone mineral content.

This study aims to find out whether a behaviour change intervention given by nurses and aimed at improving lifestyle during pregnancy will help improve a vitamin D supplementation intervention and have a positive effect on maternal and infant health. Pregnant women who are 18 years and over will be eligible if they attend the participating hospital for nuchal translucency or dating scans between 9 and 17 weeks of pregnancy and are aiming to give birth at a local maternity hospital. A research nurse will approach women at their screening or dating scan visits, screen them for eligibility and gain written informed consent.

Those in the behaviour change group will be engaged in a fourth conversation and review of progress.

At birth, when the women have had their babies, the midwife will collect samples from the placenta and the cord.

October 2013 to December 2018Who is funding the study?

The Medical Research Council, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, and NIHR Nutrition Biomedical Research Centre, Southampton (UK)Who is the main contact?

Women will be invited to bring their babies for a bone scan and body measurements.

A month after birth, a nurse will visit participants at home to discuss the health and well-being of the mother and their children.

At their first visit at 14 weeks, body measurements and a blood sample will be taken and they will be chosen, at random, to receive either vitamin D tablets or placebo (dummy) tablets to be taken during the study.

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