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In March 2018, the Liberals tabled a pre-election budget in the provincial legislature which promised billions of dollars in new spending for free childcare and expanded coverage for dental care but replaced the government's previous balanced budget with a .7 billion deficit projected to last until 2024–2025.The Liberal Party under Kathleen Wynne wins a majority government in the 41st Ontario general election.

Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak announces his intention to step down following the selection of his successor.

Ontario Provincial Police announce charges under the provincial act against Gerry Lougheed and Patricia Sorbara (CEO and director of the 2018 Liberal campaign) for alleged bribery during a 2015 byelection.

Second televised debate, moderated by Steve Paikin and Farah Nasser, held at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto and aired on CBC, CTV, Global, TVO, CPAC, CHCH and other outlets. According to Toronto Star columnist Susan Delacourt, voters are motivated by a desire for change—such desire being more driven by emotion than by ideology—and one researcher has estimated that more than half of the electorate was undecided in who they were likely to vote for.

Evolution of voting intentions during the 2018 Ontario provincial election campaign. Trendlines are local regressions, with polls weighted by proximity in time and sample size.

increased the number of electoral districts from 107 to 122, following the boundaries set out by the federal 2013 Representation Order for Ontario, while preserving the special boundaries of the 11 seats in Northern Ontario set out in the 1996 redistribution.

The Far North Electoral Boundaries Commission, appointed in 2016, recommended the creation of the additional districts of Kiiwetinoong and Mushkegowuk—James Bay, carved out from the existing Kenora—Rainy River and Timmins—James Bay ridings, which accordingly raised the total number of seats to 124.

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Under legislation passed in 2005, Ontario elections were to be held on "the first Thursday in October in the fourth calendar year following polling day in the most recent general election," subject to the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario's power to call an election earlier.

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