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Restoring order to EFI firmware There’s trouble in that firmware: EFI chaos The universal panacea for mac OS problems: install the Combo updater Hasn’t mac OS changed?

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Inside mac OS’s hidden activity records New insights into process performance: log load analysis You can still sync apps and ringtones with i Tunes 12.6.3 New and improved Consolation 3: rearranged window and more The Time Machine Mechanic 1.1b: new version should run on High Sierra too Using T2M2 to diagnose and treat Time Machine problems Startup and shutdown key combinations for mac OS Sierra Why can’t I download and install mac OS Sierra any more?

What to do when a mac OS update goes wrong I can’t log in: what to do when you forget your password, or its doesn’t work How to tell whether a problem is in your Home folder Fixing problems with preference files Diving even deeper into preferences Sticky preferences: why trashing or editing them may not change anything The mystery of repairing permissions Something odd you can’t fix?

Revealing the Finder’s hidden depths A tale of two Disk Utilities: Sierra and High Sierra Running at startup: when to use a Login Item or a Launch Agent/Launch Daemon Watching folders – 1 for users Document Versioning Making mac OS versions more usable Inside Quick Look previews with qlmanage What’s that?

Using magic on your Mac to identify files High Sierra – mac OS 10.13 Telling which apps are 32-bit: 32-bit Check does it better High Sierra’s new improved Help system diagrammed How High Sierra has changed Help APFS, File Reference URLs, inodes and Finder Syncs Do you use email encryption at all?

How a New Mac Book Pro borked an older i Mac’s Bluetooth Is APFS fully supported yet?

Another gaping security hole in High Sierra APFS disk encryption High Sierra has changed Help, and broken Help Help Do Sierra or High Sierra report incorrect free disk space?Comparing its updates with Sierra and El Capitan The ‘app’ you can’t trash: how SIP is broken in High Sierra i Cloud Drive can strip (meta)data from your documents Why are there problems backing up Photos Libraries?Safari offline reader is rapidly becoming functionless What’s really in the High Sierra 10.13.2 update Sierra and El Capitan security updates and High Sierra 10.13.2 are now available Apple has released Security Update 2017-001 for mac OS High Sierra High Sierra’s security update can block file sharing Major vulnerability in High Sierra 10.13.1: anyone can gain elevated privileges Getting to the root of High Sierra’s problems Is High Sierra dual-bootable?They’re vulnerable Is Apple about to drop Quick Time, DVD and i Work support, and Compressor?mac OS Unified log: 1 why, what and how mac OS Unified log: 2 content and extraction mac OS Unified log: 3 finding your way Is the unified log private, or a vulnerability?Last Week on My Mac: Deciding about High Sierra High Sierra: APFS “not supported” on Fusion Drives APFS and High Sierra in trouble High Sierra: How to make a bootable installer High Sierra automatically checks EFI firmware each week HEVC and HEIF: new video and still image formats High Sierra’s Small Print: installation, firmware updates, Content Caching, and more High Sierra, Sierra’s dispatching bug, and i Tunes 12.7 APFS: i OS 11 and High Sierra will fix normalisation problems The return of the volume What is ‘copy on write’, and how is it good?

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