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Try spicing the conversation up a little with some humor, tales of the outside world and anything else you think may be of interest.[Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs for women] #7 Shyness.

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If she’s quite shy by nature and you’ve gone in with all guns of adoration blazing, she might just be a little bit freaked out.

If you suspect this might the case, start holding back a little on the intensity and number of messages sent, and just let her come up to breathe a little.

If she has stopped replying to your messages due to this reason, then give her a little space and let her make her decision in her own time.

[Read: 10 clear signs you need to back off when pursuing a girl] #3 Poor timing.

However, the mistake that most people make, when the responses aren’t as forthcoming as they would like, is to assume that the attraction is a one way street.

This almost certainly isn’t always the case though, and there could be a whole host of reasons why the replies aren’t coming thick and fast. It could be due to where she is at a particular moment in time, both emotionally and geographically speaking, or due to her own confused feelings on the subject.It could also, if done enough times, make you look like a bit of a lovesick stalker.Conversely, the whole three-day-rule thing is also unlikely to pay dividends, and if you make her wait too long before replying, she could misinterpret your actions to show arrogance and/or general disregard.Exactly the same principle as number two, but referring to quantity this time.Are you one of those people, for instance, who replies to a simple “Hi, how are things” with a series of messages, seemingly designed to preoccupy the object of your desires to the extent that she is expected to completely disregard all other areas of her life?The time it takes between replies can tell volumes about a person’s intentions, and you need to manage this in order to make the greatest impression.

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