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They need much more attention now, like never before. From any point of view, practical, religious, psychological, caring for somebody who needs care more than you, heals you much faster and effectively.

This topic might be endless and each and every situation should be considered separately.

Think which model your child will follow when they grow up.

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If handled correctly, given time, your child will accept the relationship.

Being single with children after divorce is often challenging and exhausting.

• Let your children know that their relationship with you will not change because you are beginning to date.

Being secured and assured in their relationship with you, they are less likely to feel afraid.If you have already decided they are the right person, do not force your children to meet or accept them.Give them time to get to know the new person in your life.Meet them, talk to them, and spend as much time with them as you can. It will help them and it will help you adjust to this new life easier. Don’t cause a trauma to your child leading him to think that he is a child of garbage. Again, think carefully before starting to date with children, especially introducing your new partner. • Before you start dating again try to “socialize” your kid.No matter what – DO NOT FOCUS your kids on what has happened. • Never say bad things about your former spouse to your child. • Do not think that a small child is different from a teenager in accepting your new partner. Also if your five year old does not like your choice it is hardly possible they will change their attitude at fourteen. Spend more time with friends, in good company, so when you start dating your children won’t feel that your date is taking their time with you, but just a normal time going out.Don’t forget that communication with your child is always the goal no matter the situation.

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