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Once I said it was Trattoria Sostanza, he sighed a breath of relief and said that place was really good (nice job, Tara!

One glass of vino down the piehole and I still have no idea if I’m being hit on or if he wants my hair…why am I so bad at this game sometimes?!

Like a woman whose gone insanely mad, I plop on my bed and start hysterically laughing and say, “WTF just happened?!

The answer is: I’m on vacation, nothing’s too serious or worth over-analyzing.

So, Marcial suggested that we get a drink on the top floor of the Westin, which overlooks all of Florence, and added “Oh my God!

I rarely order a chicken dish, but this was seriously one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Product range includes UK and US books, discounted magazine subscriptions, music, video, dvd, games, software, sheet music, outdoor accesories and gifts.

Established the online shop in 1997 to complement the peak district bookshop.

While stuffing the chicken in my mouth and wiping dripping butter off my face, Marcial and I talked about friends, life, and dating.

I had to remind him to stop flirting with me every 2 seconds.

Everyone on the street knew Marcial and at least 2 customers at every bar knew him too – maybe he’s just a really friendly guy?

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