Tribe dating

Though she seemed single-handedly responsible for the loss, focus surprisingly faded from her and onto Chris, particularly when Domenick Abbate voiced his dissent against the male model’s decision.

While Naviti did lose on Day 1, it was only temporary, as they won the next two Immunity Challenges, keeping Desiree safe until the first swap.

But fate can cut both ways, something she experienced first-hand when she got an opportunity to redeem her puzzle skills in the next Immunity Challenge and once again came up short (but loud, considering her great skills as the caller in the first part).

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Had the ladies been winning, there would be no reason for me to be against Kellyn and there would be no reason for me to be voted out instead of a guy.

So you believed that, even though the ladies were the ones doing well in the challenges because the guys were the ones finding idols and being the ones behind the power plays, they were the ones who were running things? The guys had idols, and they were still in the game; nobody was trying to get rid of them.

They were able to convince everybody to get rid of me.

That showed me they’re great players and making major moves.

Though they briefly cannibalized in sending Chris out with an idol in his pocket, they got back to the plan by getting rid of Libby Vincek next, a target suggested by Desiree, who felt the frequent flyer had the potential to fly under the radar.

At that Tribal Council, she had said, “If you’re not considering big moves right now, then you’re not playing the game.” She made good on that motto the next day by approaching the remaining Malolo players with the plan to vote together against Kellyn, feeling that her, Domenick, and Wendell Holland were too threatening to her game.

However, you went to them the morning after Libby went out, which allowed time for Laurel to spill the beans and get everything to hit the fan.

What prompted you to approach them so early in this round?

Let’s go back to your decision to go to the Malolos and vote for Kellyn.

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