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The dramas and issues that have not been worked out by the individual will inevitably block him or her from being able to move properly with their partner.The disconnection that individuals suffer because of poor social conditioning will affect the nature of their relationships.

If the root cause of such behavior is not addressed, it will manifest eventually, even if it is suppressed temporarily.

Many feel stifled and unhappy within the context of their relationships but stay in it for a number of reasons.

Many of the love songs that play on the airwaves contain sentiments such as ‘you are the light of my day’ or ‘without you I can’t go on’ or ‘I cannot live without you’.

Following from this type of thinking, a male may kill his spouse (and himself) if he suspects she is having an affair or is wishing to leave the relationship, all because, in his mind, he cannot live without her.

After all, they have been together for 5 years and he promised to never hit her again.

She spoke with such hope and belief in the relationship working out that I did not have the heart to tell her that it is likely that he will hit her again.

After each incident he apologized and made it up to her by doing such things as taking her out to dinner and buying flowers.

Although she is still very unhappy with such incidents, she hopes that the relationship will get better.

Males are generally expected to take the lead and dictate the pace of the relationship.

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