Twilight couple dating

She falls asleep, and the men choose this time to fight over Bella while Jacob is still spooning her. It's another awkward moment for this love triangle, who are sharing a tent in the middle of nowhere.

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Its stars were catapulted into the international spotlight in a way none of them were quite prepared for, especially the franchise's leads, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

The latter still gives interviews in which he recalls how Twihards forced him to become a recluse after ’s publication, we decided to check in and see how the cast members have changed since they first appeared in the saga.

Edward became a vampire in 1918, so he has a conservative attitude toward courtship.

Bella, on the other hand, is a modern, uninhibited woman.

He yells "" and vampire-leaps backward to the other side of the room. Edward turns away, ashamed (being ashamed about sexual activity is going to be a whole thing with him since he became a vampire in olden times). He does this for months () before he finally comes in when Bella is awake so he can actually interact with her.

It's still a romantic moment, but it's fraught with awkwardness and worse, fear. Except he ends up scaring the living daylights out of her.

When she says she doesn't love him, he says he doesn't believe her and that she just won't admit that she has feelings for him. And so, Bella and a perpetually shirtless Jacob cuddle for health reasons while Edward glowers and huffs at Jacob.

Obviously, Jacob is really happy with the arrangement.

Bella sits in the middle with her suitors on either side of her competing for her attention and it's very awkward.

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