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As always, an incredible ratio that offers unparalleled opportunity!Just listen to what the men had to say in this video.

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Odessa Women are warm, loving, and sincere and will make you wonder why you waited so long to get on that plane and go on an Odessa Romance Tour! In a city most have never heard of, and most cannot pronounce, Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine is home to some of the most beautiful and amazing women you will ever meet.

An Incredible Singles Adventure in the South of Ukraine Acutal footage from our Nikolaev Social. You can also see a full recap of this entire tour in our LIVE show archive with highlights and comments from tour leader Peter King.

This was our first Social event in Mariopul Ukraine and it was an amazing success, the women of Mariupol are stunning beauties.

Mariopul Women until now were and untapped and hidden source of model quality women that are waiting to meet you!

Enjoy this video of our another successful singles tour to Odessa, Ukraine led by AFA President John Adams.

Odessa is the first leg of our southern Ukraine tours and, as you will see, this video is an exciting preview of what you can expect to experience on your incredible tour.Watch highlights of our February, 2012 social in Kiev while you listen to several men who were there comment on their experience.Kiev was the first stop of our February Ukraine singles tour that continued on to Poltava as well.Kharkov Ukraine is one of those memorable places with beautiful architecture, and even more beautiful women.Kharkov women will amaze even the most skeptical person."Brave" men give themselves and opportunity to meet someone.

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