Updating from windows 98 to windows xp

This is described in the Tiki Wiki documentation at:

page_ref_id=10 Yes, I followed the instructions on the article page (as at today's date) and it worked perfectly first time.

updating from windows 98 to windows xp-81updating from windows 98 to windows xp-57updating from windows 98 to windows xp-5

For example, in (in the parent directory) there are lots of include_once like: This maybe isn't the problem, I'm just a PHP amateur, but has someone else encountered this problem and knows how to resolve it?

(I have mediawiki-1.2.6 running on Apache, PHP and My Sql) I've installed Apache, My SQL, PHP and Media Wiki on my PC and it all nearly seems to be working.

Except TEX and some strange bug on the pages TEX problem: I instaled all the software mentioned in the guide (Ming, OCalm, Miktex, Image Magic), edited that file.

but when I try to make such error pops up: ocamlopt -c 'as' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I've tryed for hours to install Mediawiki with texvc, Mediawiki works perfekt but i couldn get texvc work.

I'm using win32 xp and xampp could someone pleace be so nice and give me a working mediawiki Folder or the parts of the folder i need ?

Instead of inserting because, remember, it's under Windows.

--Mcarlisle , (UTC) I've added another windows binary, this one for native Win32 without Cygwin.

Thanks Philipp Philadelphia , 23 January 2009 (UTC) When i've run the config/(successfully) i'm told to move the Local to the parent directory (the one where is, as i've understood it). But when I click on the link to index.php, I only get a page telling me that the could not be shown (the usual error 404 message).

When I look at the php-files (and Local Settings.php) there seems to be something strange with the includes.

It seems only the Linux version exists at There is no such thing as a Linux version or Win32 version of Media Wiki.

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