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We don't know who perpetrated that attack, but it could have easily been a lone hacker.

And any improvements they make in their software will be available in their products wherever they are sold, simply because it makes no sense to maintain two different versions of the software. Governments will get involved in the Io T, because the risks are too great and the stakes are too high.

This is truly an area where the actions of a few countries can drive worldwide change. Computers are now able to affect our world in a direct and physical manner. A small-government Republican president created the Department of Homeland Security in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks: a rushed and ill-thought-out decision that we've been trying to fix for more than a decade.

• November 10, 2016 AM @Bruce FYI, the em-dashes from the Wa Po article are missing here, making certain sentences look odd.

I wonder which government organization would be the most appropriate one to be tasked with such a responsibility. • November 10, 2016 AM We've been concerned about this for some time.

We need to proactively discuss good regulatory solutions; otherwise, a disaster will impose bad ones on us.

This essay previously appeared in the Washington Post.

If we want to secure our increasingly computerized and connected world, we need more government involvement in the security of the "Internet of Things" and increased regulation of what are now critical and life-threatening technologies.

It's no longer a question of if, it's a question of when. Those websites went down because their domain name provider — a company named Dyn —­ was forced offline.

The details would need to be carefully scoped, but either of these options would raise the cost of insecurity and give companies incentives to spend money making their devices secure. But the main costs in making software come from development.

It's true that this is a domestic solution to an international problem and that there's no U. regulation that will affect, say, an Asian-made product sold in South America, even though that product could still be used to take down U. If the United States and perhaps a few other major markets implement strong Internet-security regulations on Io T devices, manufacturers will be forced to upgrade their security if they want to sell to those markets.

The Internet of Things is bringing computerization and connectivity to many tens of millions of devices worldwide.

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