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You should address the reasons why you were denied in the first place; if you have a criminal record you should get either a US waiver of admissibility or a Canadian pardon or in some cases both before you reapply.

The NEXUS interview varies between NEXUS enrolment centers but is similar to clearing customs at the airport.

You will be asked many of the questions that you have answered on your NEXUS application form.

Likewise you can only use Nexus at an airport if you hold a card.

Your infant will be given his / her own Nexus pass.

Customs and Border Protection fee of $50, which is paid with the credit card you provided on the application form.

This fee covers your background and law enforcement checks and is non-refundable. You can apply for Nexus online with the government site known as GOES or you can download the IVT simplified version of the Nexus application form and we will file it on your behalf.

You can choose the location that best suits you but if you intend on using the Nexus pass for air travel you must select a centre that can do the required iris scan.

You must update all contact details as well as any amendments or changes to your documentation e.g.

You must fill out a separate application form and he / she must attend the Nexus interview with you.

IVT have many people applying for a NEXUS card with a conviction.

You can do this by calling in to one of the Enrolment Centers.

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