Updating old farmhouse

Despite the fact that the original countertops were sagging and the rest of the space was dated, Sam and Lesley focused on the beautiful vaulted ceilings, wood beams and natural light. And with the help of their builder, Mark Lewis, the couple turned the out-of-date space into a modern farmhouse kitchen.

updating old farmhouse-3

*** After space planning, adding the “little things” is definitely my favorite part when it comes to any room makeover.

I had some fun adding personality to the counters on each side of our stove this morning: I’ve had this little plant over by the sink for the past couple of months…

Since I continue toreceivecomments and emails related to Farmhouse Love on a very regular basis, I decided I should post one more update!

You can click on the “House and Home” section if you only want to read about farmhouse stuff…

🙂 PS- We’re hoping to travel to Haiti later this Fall, y’all.

We haven’t received our official referral letter yet, but we did get an encouraging update this past week and I look forward to *hopefully* sharing a “WE’RE GOING TO MEET OUR SON!

The round table is a little unexpected with it, which they love.

"We aren’t matchy people, so it just makes sense for us to have a funky pairing like this," Lesley says.

Sorry for the confusion, BUT that does give me a chance to let you know what I'm doing and where I am in all the latest.

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