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Quoting from the article: In Word Perfect, a template is a document on your disk with a special filename extension, ".wpt," where the "t" stands for "template".

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If the tax year is a calendar year, as it most often is, then the return is due on April 15, a date we are all familiar with (for corporations, the deadline is the 15 day of the third month following the tax year, or March 15 for a calendar year).

However, the rule does not specifically say “April 15” or “March 15,” because if the fiscal year is different than the calendar year, those dates fall somewhere in the middle, and a year’s worth of accounting is not available from which to prepare a return.

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How does a business choose whether to operate on a calendar year or a fiscal year? The follow-up question is, “What difference does it make?

” A calendar year, obviously, runs from January 1 to December 31, just like the calendar on your wall.

Or see the final download post here by Klaus Pfeiffer for the ready-to-use expanded version for WP8 .) (on the Tools menu): More than a grammar checker and writing style analyst, Grammatik can check spelling, flag duplicate adjacent words and punctuation (such as might occur with cutting/copying and pasting), and more.

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But to be honest, it's very rare, even though it is possible.

I've never had a client that didn't just operate on a regular calendar-year basis, even if they own a business.

A fiscal year is any twelve-month period that begins and ends differently than the calendar.

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