Validating xml visual studio

The WSDL Visual Studio Extension allows WSDL 1.1 and 2.0 documents to be viewed and edited within the Microsoft Visual Studio Environment.

The WSDL file can either be edited via the graphical editor or in the code view.

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This tool allows you to browse a web service, select a web method, call the method and view the results.

Once a web method is selected, the tool automatically creates the SOAP envelope and generates a request message based on the description within the web service description (WSDL).

This window shows all the root/global objects defined within the schema (and its children).

Double clicking on an item takes you to the definition, even if its in another file.

Liquid Studio integrates smoothly into Microsoft Visual Studio allowing you to develop your XML and XSD applications within the familiar Visual Studio environment.

The Liquid Technologies Visual Studio Extensions include the graphical XSD Editor, WSDL Editor, Web Service and XPath Tools, and the graphical JSON Schema Editor and they take advantage of the common framework offered within Visual Studio, making use of the properties panel, error window, and find and replace dialogs.The XML Schema Editor can be used within Microsoft Visual Studio providing the same rich editing environment you get from Liquid Studio.The standard Visual Studio properties windows are used to make it possible to view and edit the detailed properties on any item in the diagram ensuring a familiar environment for Visual Studio users.The XPath expression in the tool window is run against the data in the XML Editor and the results highlighted in real-time.The XPath expression in the tool window supports intellisense based on the content XML Editor, and has tools demonstrating the use of the expression in a number of programming environments.For this reason, XMLSpy generates royalty-free program code based on an XML Schema.

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