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My problem was that textboxes have maximum length limits, so I had to write a function to erase some of the text when it started getting full.That appears to work, but I am experiencing odd behaviour when the textbox text gets long.

Protected Sub btn My Quote_Click() For x = 0 To Me.

Count - 1 Dim mytextbox As Text Box mytextbox = Direct Cast(Me.

Form2.show(), on Load Event Form1 bind your whole member to it, same thing for Form2 bind your whole book list to it, it's not so difficult as you imagine if you try. Every member will pay 400 pesos for registration for 1 year.

Text & " ;" and you will not found error "no record" again, because that both table came from database. It's so amazing when I did it but sadly I can't :( I'm just a student starting to learn and more on searching codes for editing and applying to my app. maybe i will post it to you, i will fix something first.

Open() End Sub Private Sub Button8_Click(By Val sender As System. Text & " ;" j = "SELECT ID FROM books WHERE ID=" & txtbook_id. Text & "', '" & "Borrowed" & "', '" & txtborrow_from.

Connection String = str Connection String cnn OLEDB. Click i = "SELECT Lib_Book1, Lib_Book2, Lib_Book3 FROM members WHERE ID=" & txtmem_id. Command Text = "UPDATE books SET Borrowed_By, Bk_Status, Bk_From, Bk_Due = '" & txtmem_id.

Open() Dim cmd OLEDB As New Ole Db Command("UPDATE books SET Borrowed_By = 'h', Bk_Status = 'Borrowed', Bk_From = '" & txtborrow_from.

Current Directory & "\Library Database.mdb") Try cnn OLEDB. I'm just finishing the other forms before I continue to work on fine/fees section.

Public Class Transactions Private Sub Button8_Click(By Val sender As System.

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