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What is an array An array is a collection of separate items. You can get access to those items in an array for reading, adapting, replacing, storing.

An array variable is a variable in which you can store those separate items. The array is in the memory of the computer; that improves the speed to access it.

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It can be practical to use a distinguishable name convention for array variables (e.g. If you use an underscore _ in a variable name you can be sure it won't interfere with a 'reserved name' in VBA or in an application. Kind of arrays VBA distinguishes 1-dimensional and multi-dimensional arrays 3.1 1-dimensional array In the array several items/elements are being stored in a certain order.

You can consider a 1-dimensional array as a pile of equally sized coins.

a_sn(2), a_sn(7) 3.2 multi-dimensional array A 2-dimensional array can be compared to a table or a worksheet in Excel.

Each element is being positioned in the array, according to 2 dimensions.

If you look at it from above you only see one coin but you know it conceals several coins beneath it.

An element in the array can be read using its serial number: e.g.

You can retrieve an element from a 2-dimensional array using the serial number in each dimension; e.g.

a_sn(2,4), a_sn(10,1) You can compare a 3-dimensional array to a cube.

Erase removes the size of a dynamic array that has been declared by Re Dim.

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