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The Jazz Singer is a parody of the 1980 version of The Jazz Singer.

Syndication Note: Perry Como was edited in syndication; some of the CCP1 wraparound material was also edited. DVD Note: Perry Como is the edited syndicated version.

Tibor - Moranis; Party members - Candy, Martin; Tractor - John Mc Andrew; Announcer - Thomas Red examines the satellite blueprints and finds Guy cut corners by not putting a scrambler on the satellite.

Guy reveals a little project that Tongue and Bruno have been working on.

Bobby Bittman as Caesar starts ad-libbing when the signal is interrupted. Announcer - Moranis Anna comes up with a 28 letter word for dog, but loses on a technicality.

Announcer - Thomas; Bobby Bittman as Caesar - Levy; Johnny La Rue as Pluto - Candy; Conspirator - Flaherty; Casta - Moranis; Hag - Martin; Senators - Thomas, extras 3CP1 on your dial, Russian television. The prize: qualifying for an earlier delivery date for a Russian automobile.

Retiring Cantor Silvers introduces Yissel to the Rabbi.

Back home, he argues with his father, and Sid renounces him.

Economics - it's about what you do when you got so many empties you can't fit them all in the truck.

Bob Mc Kenzie - Moranis; Doug Mc Kenzie - Thomas Lola's series on influential women. Valeri Cometsky - Moranis; Ivan Mahailov - Thomas; Irena Zoyusha - Martin; workers, camera workers - extras Bobby and Johnny are arguing when SCTV's signal comes back.

This week, Lola has an insightful interview with Mother Theresa and roughs it in India. Outraged by the invasion of American airspace by "Iranian amateurs," Bobby stops the show and walks off.

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