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The expert also noted that such skills could be implemented in Chinese marine deployments overseas, where Beijing’s push for greater economic and political ties has called for greater defenses.China’s elite “Dragon” commando team gathers for training in China’s southeastern Fujian province, on March 15.Without exception, every entrepreneur, board member, and co-investor that we talked to about Kevin was effusive about his intellect and insight, broad-ranging contributions, and positive influence in the boardroom.

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He brings a great mix of experiences, skills, and interests to the team, and is a superb fit with the group.

Kevin trained as a molecular biologist, getting a Ph D in David Sinclair’s lab at Harvard where his work focused on chromatin silencing, cellular metabolism, and stress response pathways (the latter of which has helped him become a great board member).

That said, it’s worth mentioning that he learned the art of venture capital at one of the top firms in the business, Polaris Partners, where he worked closely with industry leaders like Terry Mc Guire, one of Kevin’s most important mentors.

We’ve worked closely with the Polaris team over the years and we’re hopeful that Kevin joining us will further strengthen the connection between our firms.

Like the rest of us here at Atlas, Kevin enjoys rolling up his sleeves and helping build new biotech startups – confirming and consolidating early stage science, recruiting great teams of entrepreneurs and executives, helping to construct strong syndicates, and encoding the startups with the right long term vision and strategic “DNA” for success.

He’s built an incredibly strong reputation in the biotech community as a go-to venture investor and company-building partner in the true sense.In addition to being a stellar venture investor, he’s an exceptionally good human being with his head screwed on straight – just the sort of person we’d all like to spend the next couple decades working with side by side.On behalf of the Atlas team and partnership, we’re thrilled to welcome him onboard – and are looking forward to many years of building great biotech startups together!Beijing has repeatedly attempted to take back the disputed island by force and President Donald Trump’s signing of a Travel Act with Taiwan on Friday was likely to further upset relations.During Thursday’s military exercises, some of the personnel also reportedly drank cow blood, not unlike some U. military practices.“Performing tasks outside the country can greatly enhance the marines’ combat capability such as emergency and rapid response skills,” an unnamed military expert told ruling Chinese Communist Party outlet in an article also posted Thursday by the Chinese military’s official website.Chinese official media reported Thursday that the country’s armed forces have conducted the largest military exercise of its kind, moving thousands of troops across the country in an unprecedented show of force.

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