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Throughout the entire episode Callie has a couple encounters with AJ, and in each encounter she tries to help him.By the end of the episode Callie lets AJ sleep at the drop-in center since he has nowhere to stay for the night.

In the next morning, Callie goes in to check on him - only to see that AJ stole spray paint and took off.

When Rafael finds out what Callie did and what it cost the center, he is rendered no choice but to fire her.

But what really ignited the wrestler’s popularity were false rumors that he had died. Because the kiss lasted for so long, some wondered if the two were dating in real life, with other people predicting the WWE stars would make adorable [email protected]_Swag11 tweeted, “John Cena and AJ are the cutest couple EVER.”@gerellecampbell asked, “So do cena and aj go out cuz tht was a long kiss?

Now that Cena's single and his popularity is at a height, it’s no wonder his fans went crazy when they saw him making out with A.

Mike and Callie end up searching for AJ at a park AJ and his brother used to. However, AJ acts bitter towards Callie and tells her he knows Callie doesn't want him around.

Callie has a heart-to-heart with AJ and explains to AJ that Mike wants him around and that AJ should start trusting Mike.

Callie warns AJ not to mess with her family but at the same time is concerned that AJ is going to runaway in order to look for Ty.

She keeps an eye on AJ while they go to school and eventually, as Callie expected, AJ tries running away.

Callie and AJ start to warm up to each other after this conversation.

Afterwards, Callie and AJ return to the Adams Fosters home.

Callie explains to AJ about how her friend Cole is transgender, and AJ teases Callie about Cole having a romantic interest in her.

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