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” (Greg Gwin) 5/4/14 Lessons from Zacchaeus (John R.Gibson); The Bible Is Understandable (Dwight Mc Gee); When Traveling (Greg Gwin) 4/27/14 Do We Lay It To Heart?

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(Boyd Sellers); A Plea That Needs To Be Heard (from Life of Luther, by Michelet); Abraham Lincoln said of Americans (selected); It Needs No Change (Greg Gwin) 5/3/15 Do You Know One? Garfield (selected); The Cure for Fighting (Greg Gwin) 3/1/15 Prayer in the Book of James (Bryan Vinson, Jr.); ‘For The Show’ (Greg Gwin) 2/22/15 What Does Legalism Mean? (Greg Gwin) 2/1/15 “Answering the “My God Is Bigger Than That! (Greg Gwin) 12/28/14 Not Just for New Years (Gene Taylor); YOUR Year in Review (Greg Gwin) 12/21/14 Can Christians Help Support The Salvation Army? (Greg Gwin); What We KNOW About Christmas (Greg Gwin) 12/14/14 What Are You Looking For? (Johnny Polk); Six Questions for Young People (David Riggs); Moral Relativity vs. Deaton); Contentment (Kyle Campbell) But, What About Him? ” (Bob Craig); We Love You This Much (David Mc Pherson); Check Your Tongue (Michael Pickford); Why Were YOU Baptized?

” Argument (James Luedecke); Getting More Out of the Sermon (Roger Hillis); What Our Giving ‘Says’ (Greg Gwin) 1/25/15 “Everyone Else Is Doing It” (David Mc Pherson); The Sin of Murmuring (Earl Fly); A Response to a Recent Article (Greg Gwin) 1/18/15 Sometimes It Is Not Enough! (Frank Himmel); The Lord Spoke To Me (Keith Sharp); Torture & Death (Greg Gwin) 12/7/14 Selected Concern (Frank Himmel); Overseeing or Sponsoring Churches (quotes, Lipscomb, Boles, Srygley); Message from a Recent Visitor (Greg Gwin) 11/30/14 Can God Count On You? (Greg Gwin) 11/16/14 Two Men Can’t Agree on Religion (Bill Hall); On Our Way, Day by Day (Dan Shipley); Take Some Irons Out of the Fire (Greg Gwin) 11/02/14 “Depart From Me . ; Turning Forgiveness Around (Greg Gwin) 10/26/14 A Church Kitchen at Jerusalem?

In 2010, Forrest began hosting a weekly radio show, All Up In The Interweb, airing Wednesday nights on Indie1031

Forrest is the subject of Bob and the Monster, a documentary about his music career and battles with drug addiction.

In September 2006 he released his first solo album, Modern Folk and Blues Wednesday.

He is also a drug counselor, appearing alongside Dr. In 2010, he and co-founder Shelly Sprague launched Hollywood Recovery Services.

(Dan Gulley); Closet Convictions (Dan Shipley); The Importance of Evidence (Greg Gwin) 8/31/14 “Better To Be Of A Humble Spirit” (R. Evans); Doing God’s Will (Ron Boatwright); The Mormons & ‘Two Sticks’ (Greg Gwin) 8/24/14 Return To The Lord (Warren E. Evans); Global Warming (Bryan Matthew Dockens); Forgiveness no.

Berkley); A Big Commitment (Dan Gulley); Forgiveness no. 5 (Greg Gwin) 8/10/14 Narcissism (Ethan Longhenry); 10 Reasons for Bible Study (David Riggs); Forgiveness no. 2 (Greg Gwin) 7/20/14 A Good Attitude (Irvin Himmel); Forgiveness no. Dancer, Jr.); Bible Classes (Hershel Patton); Unjust Criticism (Bob Hines); Limiting God (Greg Gwin) 6/29/14 To Display or Not to Display? Evans); An Uncertain Sound (Greg Gwin) 6/15/14 Better Worship During Preaching (Roger Shouse); Transparent Excuses (Greg Gwin) 6/8/14 Some Questions About Your Baptism (Bill Crews); Human Philosophy (selected); Heaven & Hell: Most Believe, But Few Think They Will Go To Hell (Greg Gwin) 6/1/14 Emphasizing the Basics (Roger Hillis); Too Much?

(Robert Turner); Memorizing Scripture (Greg Gwin) 4/20/14 The Fundamentals (Allen Smith); The Joneses’ Church (Frank Himmel); Did Paul Write Hebrews?

(Keith Sharp); Working With Elders (Greg Gwin) 4/6/14 Thoughts About the Noah Movie (Roger Shouse); Facing the Challenges (Greg Gwin) 3/30/14 A Health Care Reality Check (Steve Klein); Defusing to Obey Because of One’s Family (John Clark); This Is Where It Leads (Greg Gwin) 3/23/14 What Do You Do For Fun?

Forrest was also one of the last people to see actor River Phoenix alive the night he died of a drug overdose.

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