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One source compared it to “the first day of school.” Strahan was seen toasting his departure with his new co-host Robin Roberts and things seemed to be calming down.He remained tight-lipped about everything that happened, not granting interviews to the press. but turns out, she's from Philly, so that works out.

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She congratulated Strahan on his new position, saying she was “thrilled” and “proud” of him.

That same day, ABC revealed Strahan would be leaving the show four months earlier than expected, making his last day May 13.

On Saturday night, Beyoncé headlined the festival, making for an historic moment that received resoundingly positive reviews.

The first weekend of Coachella has come to an end – the performers return next week for another set of shows.

The first weekend of Coachella was an impressive affair, featuring an astonishing performance from Beyoncé and star-studded show from Eminem.

Another guest heavy performance came from the currently pregnant Cardi B, who recently released her acclaimed debut album Cardi B recently broke Taylor Swift’s record for most streamed album during its first week on Apple Music, amassing more than 100 million streams in seven days. Dre during his headline set at Coachella, performing hits such as “Patiently Waiting”, “Still Dre”, and “Forgot About Dre”. Unlike the other headliners, Eminem’s performance was not live-streamed onto You Tube leading to some very disgruntled fans.

She’s educated, talented, and beautiful—a public figure that’s doing a terrific job on a really popular show called . She deserves to have so many people giving her positive attention and props. Jacoby: It’s not disrespect if someone else finds your significant other attractive. It would be disrespect if he name-checked you or if he acknowledged that the two of you were dating but still said the things he said. Jacoby: The translation, if you translate Eminem to English, it’s ' Hey, I find this woman on television attractive.' If you read the transcription, you’re like, ' Whoa, this is, um, this is extra.' But the translation from Eminem to English is ' That’s a very attractive woman on television.' Rose: Well said. So I did click on it and I did listen to it all the way through and then I did press rewind a couple of times.

Eminem's ex-wife, Kim Mathers, was trying to kill herself when she rolled her car into a ditch last October in an alleged drunk driving accident.

However, the scandal could have been defused if ABC had just told his “Live” co-host, Kelly Ripa, about the shake-up.

The morning after the announcement, Ripa was absent from “Live.” “Kelly sees this as the ultimate betrayal,” a source told Page Six at the time.

Kim says the docs were sealed only because they had medical information related to her suicide attempt. she also talks about how Eminem's helped her through the ordeal.

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