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In Murcia, I'm a university secretary and I'm very happy with my work, I try to develop it as well as possible and I still have spare time in my work for some hobbies.

I am looking for a woman who I can communicate and bond with who is looking for endless affection, attention, and is looking to be treated like a Queen... I'm very optimistic, creative, blessed with the ability to be loyal and considerate. Unfortunately I'm confined, but this storm will pass over...

don't let it discourage *YOU* from giving me a fair chance bae. Email: Languages: English Hobbies/Interests: Gardening, baking, reading, pen pals, walking etc.

Email: Languages: Spanish, English & French Hobbies/Interests: Baseball, reading, the beach, music, studying. I'm very open minded, and I have a lot of will to live, I'm a vitalist person with several interests.

I've been living in Murcia during some years, but I'm originally from Madrid, I grew up there and I studied mining engineering.

Preferably women, or very respectful men; I'm married and I'm NOT looking for romance.

Im looking for some long-term snail mail pen pals from all over the world.

I would love to properly travel one day, so manybe this is my way of finding people to stay with? I also have an opportunity to live in Rwanda for five years.

:) But yeah, I would prefer snail mail (because I like writing long ramble-y letters and feel like a robot over email.) We can start via email but with the intention of moving on to letters. Email: HOPEWORTH CHILDREN FOUNDATIONP.0 BOX 151, KASESEUGANDA EAST AFRICAIntroduction: Hello! I love travelling, snail mailing and learning new cultures. I dore learning new new things and ways on remaining physically active. in my free time I run an orphanage which I founded two years ago.

Also, I like wood carving, woodblock printing, sumi-e, calligraphy, the beach, prunuses in full bloom, world music, learning different languages, tattooing, science, psychology, sports, playing video games and reading books of several genres, my faves are science fiction, mythology, philosophy, art, fantasy and adventure.

About movies, I prefer independent films, foreign films, psychological thrillers, anime movies and some crime tv series that I watch online.

I read every day, mainly science fiction or fantasy as they allow me to lose myself in a different world - something I think I need, plus my job is sort of related. Most of my penfriends, I never know what they look like, and I don't ask. I had quite a few penpals when I was a bit younger but we lost contact over university.

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