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Trying to grow, fix, change, understand or save your marriage? To be completely open – hearing and seeing without judgement. I bet once you start, once you get a taste, you won’t want to stop.

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If you never discovered it you are living on borrowed time.

Meet her gaze and keep it for longer than usual, longer than comfortable.

I watched as Alice took the lead and started working on Veronica's tight pussy as she started to fuck her with the dildo.

Veronica's pussy was so fucking tight that even this thick dildo was having trouble getting between her sweet pussy lips--so having her ride my thick dick was going to take some time!

I’m talking about five minutes every day to be completely present to the woman you share your life with.

I’m not talking about extravagant dinners or nights out (although those are fine too).

Not just your passion for her or for sex; your passion for being alive.

If you think you’re present with your wife, try listening to her.

As a marriage counsellor working with men and women in relationship crisis, I help clients navigate numerous marriage counselling issues. Women leave for many reasons, but there’s one reason in particular that haunts me, one that I want men to understand: Women leave because their man is not present.

While many situations are complex, there’s one profoundly simple truth that men need to know. He’s working, golfing, gaming, watching TV, fishing… 35 GB per day 27 GB per day.

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