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Straighten the image up so that a horizontal line drawn in Word is going to match a horizontal line on the form. Save the scanned image into your templates folder using a picture format that Word recognizes. For purposes of this tutorial, lets call your scanned image Click on the Advanced button and on the Position Tab click in the Absolute position radio buttons and select from page as the reference for both vertical and horizontal spacing.

Uncheck the box that says Move object with text and check the box that says Lock anchor.

These links are to archival versions.) Differences between online forms and controls from the controls toolbar - active tutorial by Dian Chapman, MVP showing use of Active X controls from toolbox and contrasting with formfields - when to use each Create Forms that Users Fill Out or Print on Word for Macintosh - Microsoft - Word 20 Note that this article erroneously labels legacy formfields as Content Controls. What I am talking about in this chapter is what is referred to as an online form in Microsofts documentation.

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Click on the link above to get instructions on how to view it.

The forms controls group in Word 2007, 20, respecively look like this: The controls shown are "content controls" rather than form controls.

This protection also allows use of special fields inserted with the Forms Toolbar.

These fields only work as designed when in a document that has been "protected" for filling in forms. An alternative to protected online forms, beginning with Word 2003, would be to use the much more flexible document protection which allows lets exceptions to protection apply by selection rather than simply by Section.

If you are using the legacy controls you probably will want the lock button.

For now, this chapter will deal with the classic or "legacy" form fields and what are called protected forms.

- not ready for prime time - this page is in the site right now primarily for the Additional Written Resources by Charles Kyle Kenyon, Esq.

There are no expectations that this chapter will ever be of the same quality and depth as the other chapters of this guide.

The advice on form structure and planning applies to both types of fields.

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