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Eventually, you are going to be hearing repeats, which is fine in the beginning.But after years and years, your loving partner starts to sound like a broken record. Not just because they’re complicated, but because they tend to keep more to themselves than the average person.Complicated lives aren’t as unpleasant as most people seem to believe them to be. A complicated woman is always an interesting woman. A little complexity does a person good -- especially when it comes to a woman.

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You don’t have to be wholly complicated, but don’t be easy in all manners as your lover will get bored.

The very same can be said when the roles are reversed.

There is nothing more fascinating in the universe than a complicated woman.

Most men seem to find women to be complete mysteries, but I never really seemed to have that problem. They’re rational thinkers and are motivated by logic.

The more demons people have, the more they seem to keep their stories private.

Date a complicated woman and you’re bound to hear some novel, interesting stories decades down the line. Humans, by nature, like a challenge and men are no exception -- even when it comes to their women. More importantly, we like to win and we hate to lose.

What do most people freak out over at some point in a relationship?

When they feel their partner has no more stories to tell them.

If not the issues themselves then the way those issues are affecting our emotional state and the actions that they bring about.

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