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It looks great, and there’s no doubt that it will be fantastic to watch Netflix on.I watched part of a movie, and it felt more like a small TV than a tablet.The Alcatel Xess is packing a 10,000m Ah battery, but even with that I noticed that all of the display models were seriously low on power.

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TCL has quickly become the third largest TV manufacturer in the world.

To further consolidate and expand its market-leading position into the west, the company has invested in research and development in collaboration with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Further down on the left, there’s a magnetic charging port.

You may imagine that a screen this size would be a serious power guzzler, and you’d be right.

In other words, this model is arguably one of the best 4K HDR TVs for audio performance in existence on the market today.

As for its design, the X6 integrates metallic elements with walnut woodgrain texture on a very thin, almost bezel-less display.

I could imagine having one in the kitchen, and the fact it doesn’t need to be plugged in means you could use it in the garden or to watch a movie in the bath.

Alcatel has another few months to work on the Xess with a likely release date some time after CES in January 2016.

It wasn’t working perfectly, but it’s a nice idea that could definitely add some value.

For me, the Alcatel Xess actually feels more like a portable TV that happens to run Android than a tablet.

Entertainment demands good sound quality too, and the Xess was able to make itself heard, even on the bustling show floor of IFA.

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